Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment Services are designed to identify security holes within an organization’s IT infrastructure, specifically related to cyber threat. These services run a series of diagnostics on company devices, applications, and networks, and utilize this data to recommend areas for improvement based on urgency and scope.

These providers often suggest the ideal cybersecurity services and IT software, in addition to device or process upgrades, to help address each vulnerability and ensure maximum security across the organization. Businesses can work with these providers in conjunction with threat intelligence services to provide a complete, up-to-date picture of internal security health and potential risks to company data and devices1.

Vulnerability assessment services go hand in hand with cybersecurity consulting, incident response, network security, and other cybersecurity services to keep companies aware of threats, safe from attacks, and prepared to respond in the event of a breach or related event.

Businesses can deploy vulnerability management software in lieu of or in addition to vulnerability assessment services in order to maximize awareness and protection1. For example, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner is a well-known solution in the industry that provides unlimited IT vulnerability assessments, configuration, compliance and security audits.

In summary, vulnerability assessment is a critical process in the cybersecurity landscape, aimed at defining, identifying, classifying, and reporting cyber vulnerabilities across endpoints, workloads, and systems.